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Ever wanted a better way to connect with talented music makers? At FindMySong, we empower you by putting incredible musicians from all over the world just one click away. We built our discovery system from the ground up so you can connect with people who love the music you love. And your profile has been expertly crafted to showcase your unique talents. FindMySong is free - get started instantly!

There's nothing better than being able to collaborate with someone who brings a different style of music to the table. The future of making music is where any musician, in any part of the world, gets the chance to make music with another. That’s FindMySong.

Leinate Abulaiti

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Full control over your copyright

Unlike most music collaboration sites, we let you keep full control of your copyright. Distribute it equally among your team, allocate it based on level of contribution, or keep 100%. The power is completely yours.

Easy management for all your projects

Every song you write on FindMySong comes with a free project management system. Audition incredible musicians, start a private group message, manage team members, and share files instantly in the cloud.

Private, safe filesharing

Emailing files sucks - so we created a revolutionary cloud file sharing system to make your projects run flawlessly. Instantly share files with your entire team. Unlike traditional sharing, we’ll double-check to make sure your files are safe before syncing.

Up to 10 projects, completely free

We set out to disrupt the way music is created today. We think you’ll love making music with our community - so we’re giving you up to 10 projects on FindMySong absolutely for free. Take advantage of our entire range of features with no restrictions.

Thanks for making such a great service. Two days in and I’ve already started writing with a kickass guitarist from New Orleans. I’ve never even been on that side of the country. Unreal.

Ben Johnson

My band almost broke up when we all went to different colleges, but we've been able to write together through your site. In fact, we’re working on a new song right now on FindMySong!

Dylan Byrd

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